Salvation and Steel is a turn-based fantasy skirmish game designed to be played with 28mm miniatures on a 3' x 3' board with around 8 to 14 models per side. All materials needed to play Salvation and Steel, including the rules, are FREE or can easily be proxied.

To read more about the races, download the rules or download a game board, please use the links on the menu above. The rest of this page is a discussion of the game in general.

Please note that all rules are currently being playtested, are works in progress and are subject to change. If you would like to share your opinion with the rules please visit our Forums.

The basic rules for Salvation and Steel aim to keep things relatively simple, and they've been written with a big focus on balancing the complexity of unit stats (attributes) and rules, in order to make things tactical and competitive without the players having to rules-check more than play during a game.

Simply put, the basic rules were not only written for new players, but also for younger players wanting to get into miniatures games and do something rather than read about it for longer than 5-10 minutes.

The problem is now, when we say "Advanced Rules" people are going to think, "OK, here's the 60-page book". We're also trying to stay away from that.

The advanced rules are, for the most part, an expansion rather than a replacement of the basic rules.

A few examples are:
We introduce Commanders which allow you to tailor your faction's play-style. For instance taking a specific Commander for the Remnant Kings may allow you to sacrifice attacks for additional speed, or they may allow you to gain additional benefits for attacking in concert with additional friendly units. During a turn you can intercept enemy models, effectively giving up your units actions during your opponent's movement in order to put a stop to their plans. Special characters, such as medics that allow units to heal, will be made available. More ways to attack, defend and move which are instinctive rather than complicated for the sake of it; such as the ability to dodge out of combat.

These Advanced rules aim to add depth to the game without making it unnecessarily complicated. Our latest version of the Advanced Rules can be found by clicking "Download" on the left menu.

While we're looking to pay close attention to the comments of our community, maintenance of the website itself is only a long-term priority. We want to focus on the rules, and on our miniatures, before anything else and so please bear with us... the website WILL improve with time!

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