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Little note on current developments

For the last few months we’ve been ticking over, supplying as normal through this site and our eBay shop. We continue to supply our products (like the gaming bases and GreenStuff) at the best possible prices we can. If anyone is looking for bases of different sizes, we’re now in a position to explore that so please get in touch!

In the near future we’re going to be expanding some of the ranges to include a few cool (surprise) bits and pieces.

We’ll also be looking to refresh the site with all of our new products and we’re also going to be starting our new Kickstarter adventure producing Bremusa’s Blitz – a range of 32mm American football style miniature team. Stay tuned for details!

While we’ve been mostly focusing on the stores and not updating on the miniatures, the next few months will hopefully result in the release of our previously funded lines – starting with the Fate of the Eidolon minitures.

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