The rules below are the most recent version of rules which are currently being playtested and (we hope) will be updated with feedback. If you are interested in sharing feedback please visit us on Facebook or visit our Forums.

Current Rulesets:
Basic Rules: v1.2 updated 16-Feb-2017 (680kb PDF)
Advanced Rules: v1.1 updated 16-Feb-2017 (780kb PDF)

Game boards:
Basic Game Board: Printable Board (330kb). This file represents a 3' x 3' board of hexes printable as 20 sheets of A4 (minimal ink).

PLEASE REMEMBER: These are early releases of these game rules, and while they have been playtested we are aware that there are issues. In addition to this please be aware that they aren't "pretty" and are just PDF collections of rules in their simplicity with no additional art, or perfected diagrams/examples.

ALL feedback will be gratefully received, however you choose to let us know but just keep in the back of your midn that we are commited to making this a fun, playable game and so we are striving to constantly improve upon the current ruleset.


And thank you for visiting our page! :D

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