FITE Games have now run two successful Kickstarters to fund lines of miniatures. The first, for the fantasy line “Salvation and Steel” was run in early 2017, and the second for the sci-fi range “Fate of the Eidolon” was completed in 2018. These projects gave us an enormous, and ongoing, insight into the proper design and manufacture of miniatures. We continue to develop these lines and while the aim was to ship all completed models to Kickstarter pledges there will be limited quantities of the remaining miniatures available for purchase in our online shop here.

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As of December 2018 the company that cast these lines for us (Hysterical Games) was being wound down and so we intend to run a new Kickstarter in 2019, expanding the fantasy line, once we have found a company capable of maintaining the high quality that we have achieved until now.

We will keep this site updated with progress as we proceed, and you can follow more frequent updates on our FITE Games Facebook page by clicking here.