About Us

FITE Games was started in 2016 as a games production “experiment”, and we have run two successful Kickstarters to fund lines of miniatures. The first, for the fantasy line “Salvation and Steel” was run in early 2017, and the second for the sci-fi range “Fate of the Eidolon” was completed in 2018. These projects gave us enormous insight into the proper design and manufacture of miniatures. Amongst other things we learned what does, and does not, make for good sculpting in the translation from 3D model to physical miniature and also gained a keen understanding of the costs and time involved in all stages of production and distribution. We believe this experience is invaluable and stands in strong stead for developing more projects in the future.

During the completion of the Fate of the Eidolon range came our first big hurdle; the company that cast these lines for us decided to stop doing business (the owners had other commitments) and was wound down and this put us in a difficult position. We had cultivated good relationships and had a definitive process in place, but the aim of our Kickstarters had been to break even (our first big error) and this never left over any money with which to start the next project. The need to change casting company meant a lot more cost setting up our moulds, and having started the second “Salvation and Steel” run while completing the fulfilment of the “Fate of the Eidolon” range, this develoment caused us to cancel our third Kickstarter in 2019 (the LAST thing we wanted to do was disappoint anyone) and re-evaluate our position.

Throughout this hiatus, we continued selling hobby supplies to build a stronger foundation for moving forward, and we continue to do this both via this website and eBay.

In 2020, we Kickstarted another, stand-alone project – “Bremusa’s Blitz; Amazon Angels”, and the 3D minitures for this Amazonian Blood Bowl team are now available on our Miniatures page.

You can follow more frequent updates on our FITE Games Facebook page by clicking here.